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Founded in 2021 by Mohamed Essmat, Physiotherapist, Physio Plus Clinics offers an integrated approach that delivers the highest quality care for the assessment, treatment and prevention of sports and recreational injuries. No matter the level of play or the activity of choice, our sports medicine physicians, surgeons, and therapists deliver coordinated care that addresses the root of the problem so you experience a more complete recovery with longer-lasting results.

We offer a comprehensive approach that integrates injury assessment, treatment and prevention, with individualized exercise programs, innovative classes and educational workshops.

Our practitioners have advanced clinical skills and provide leading edge treatment that will help you get back to doing what you want, need and love to do.

Our Maadi location also offers shockwave therapy. This relatively new treatment option uses high intensity pulses of energy (the ‘shockwaves’) to promote the repair of your body’s tissues, including tendons. While it sounds a little new age, there is scientific evidence to validate its use in certain conditions for decreasing pain and improving function. If you’re dealing with chronic plantar fasciitis pain, tendonitis/tendinopathy issues, tennis elbow or calcifications, come and see us to find out if this treatment may be a helpful addition to your physiotherapy treatment plan.

We are pleased that our complete range of services includes sports Rehabilitation, the branch of practice that deals with injury diagnosis, treatment & prevention, as well as improving athletic performance. Sports medicine is unique in that it incorporates a variety of disciplines, with the sports doctor taking the lead role to co-ordinate all of the care elements into a cohesive program that fits your needs. An appointment with our sports medicine doctor does require a referral. Due to COVID-19, Now we offer virtual physiotherapy treatment.

How will physiotherapy aid in pain relief?

If you’ve never seen a physiotherapist before, you might be a little wary of what your first appointment might be like. However, it’s important not to worry about that! Physiotherapy is a safe and effective method of treatment.

When you arrive, one of our Bloor West Village and Kingsway physiotherapists will perform a thorough assessment to determine the root cause of your pain or discomfort. Next, a personalized treatment plan will be designed for you. Your therapist will ensure that your symptoms, medical history, and any health restrictions you may have been taken into account.

The goal we have at Physio Plus Clinics is to help you achieve your highest physical potential! No two patients are the same. Treatment plans are tailored to each patient and are designed to meet your goals.

With our care and commitment, we know that anyone who walks through our doors can be helped. We look forward to seeing you achieve your recovery by reaching your health, wellness, and fitness goals. We are dedicated to helping you live a life that is pain-free!

Take the first step and contact us today!

At the end of the day, we’re here to support you in every step of your recovery journey. Our success depends on your success, and we strive to create a warm, welcoming environment where you can comfortably heal and feel confident while doing so!

If you’re in the Bloor West Village and The Kingsway area or any of the surrounding areas and you’re looking for pain relief from an acute or chronic condition or injury, look no further! Physio Plus Clinics is here to help as one of the most favoured Maadi physiotherapy practices.


Call our office at +201094599366 or just request your service from our website here with one of our physiotherapists today. We’ll be happy to meet you and create a treatment plan for your journey to health, healing, and pain relief.